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As a Veteran – save thousands each year

You have served our country now let the country serve you! We have compiled a list of companies that offer big discounts - and sometimes even free – products and services to both active and retired military personnel (including general, disabled and honorably discharged).

Some of these benefits are well known but most are not widely publicized and thus not known by too many – especially among not active personnel. If you liked this list and were able to claim these benefits make sure to share it with your friends!


Veteran Restaurant Discounts

Everyone deserves to enjoy the food they love, and some chains offer discounts not only for active members but also Veterans. Make sure to check in with the restaurant if they participate and what discounts they offer. Also do not forget to bring your Military/Veteran ID.

  • Cinnabon: 15% off at participating locations
  • Burger King: 10% off at participating locations
  • Omaha Steaks: 10% off if you’re part of their Veteran program
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: 10% off at participating locations
  • Chick-fil-A: 10% off at participating locations


Special "Window Replacement Program" Helps Homeowners Get New Energy-Efficient Windows

Anyone that has gone through the experience of getting new, energy-efficient windows knows what a difference it can make. New windows keep the home cool in the summer, toasty in the winter, and let's face it – they make the house look great and can increase the home value too! But these benefits don't come without a big cost – or least that's how things used to be, but not any more!

Thanks to this brilliant windows comparison website homeowners should never have to pay full price for windows again.

The site allows homeowners to get the best price on new windows by getting the top licensed and insured vendors in your area to compete for your business. As a result, homeowners can often secure new windows and installation "below-cost" and at prices not available to the general public.


Veterans cut their mortgage and take home more than $42,000!

Both Active Personnel and retired Military Veterans are often surprised to find out about mortgage reduction plans they’re eligible for. Most find out they have been overpaying for quite some time as their realtor/lender was not familiar with VA loans and structures. The past has shown, most people were able to take an average of $42,000 off their mortgage – either off an existing mortgage or off one for a new home!

It only takes a short survey to find out if you’re eligible and you can check it right here! There are millions who have successfully used this program already but sadly not everyone in active service (or Veterans) is aware they qualify to reduce their monthly rate and use the money for the most important thing in life – their families! So, if you have not taken advantage of this benefit yet find out if you qualify and spread the word.


As a Veteran or Active Military get a fresh start if you owe more than $15,000 in Credit Card Debt

Relocation, medical expenses, unemployment – there are a lot of reasons why upstanding citizens and especially Veterans or Active Personnel can find themselves in situation where they had to accumulate credit card debt and don’t know how to get out of it.

Luckily there is a program called “Freedom Debt Program” to help Military Personnel and Veterans to get out of this downward spiral by consolidating all owed debt into a single monthly payment and reducing the amount in total thus easing the monthly burden. If you or someone you know is in this situation act now as it’s not sure how long this program will be active for – check here if you qualify!


You protected our country – but who is protecting your home?

Stop worrying about your home while you’re out with your family - ADT offers the #1 solution for Home Security in the US with burglary protection, video surveillance and home automation – all from your phone with a swipe of your finger so you can enjoy a day out!

Here is the best thing about them: All their security experts have been background checked, trained and certified so no worrying about opening yourself up to strangers. They offer custom solutions to fit your lifestyle starting at less than $1 per day with $850 worth of Security Equipment!


Protect your home with a Home Warranty Plan

Imagine this: You spend years abroad while being deployed. Now, after a few years back home, you have enjoyed your very well-deserved time at home but suddenly your refrigerator doesn’t work anymore, or your furnace broke down. These issues would cost thousands to fix. You shouldn’t have to be dealing with these issues, but your insurance won’t cover these things…

Most new homes come with a home warranty plan (for 1 or 2 years) that cover everything from appliance failures to furnace breakdowns and electrical issues – exactly what insurance plans do not cover. What a lot of people still don’t know is you can get such a warranty even 20 years after you bought a home as there is a new Home Warranty program called the Choice Home Warranty!

This Warranty covers pretty much everything that your insurance won’t cover and will most likely save you from any unforeseen costs for home repairs thus saving you thousands of dollars better invested in your family!


Protect your family – tax-free! $1,000,000 in life insurance to protect your dearest!

As we all know it can be a hassle to find a life insurance with an affordable rate not only for Active Personnel but also for Veterans even though that shouldn’t be the case! Rates increase with every year and life insurance poses as one of the biggest expenditures for Veterans. And sometimes SGLI/VGLI is just not enough for you and your family.

Luckily there is a free service to compare life insurance policies that helps to save up to 70% on your current rate! With this service you can simply compare different offers and discounts offered for Veterans – find the lowest rates in just a few moments and either use the saved money for your daily life expenses or invest it in your family!


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Here is a Veteran & Military offer that is 60% off of the usual auto warranty rate!

As someone who has been in combat you know how important means of transportation are. We all know, every car breaks down at some point or some parts must be replaced after some time and no one likes the hassle of dealing with it and the associated cost.

Here is a Veteran & Military offer that is 60% off of the usual Platinum Auto Warranty rate! Just fill out this simple form to receive a quote and never pay for auto repairs ever again!


Veteran cell phone & plans Discounts

Everyone needs a good cell phone plan – this is only small list, make sure to compare between all the carriers as benefits may change over time! Also, ask for a manager if the customer service representative is unaware of any discount. Please note that most carriers also provide a service to suspend your current plan in case of deployment.

  • T-Mobile One Military Phone Plan: The T-Mobile ONE Military plan provides 20% off the first phone line, 50% off each line after that and up to 50% off select Samsung phones. Plus, things like stream unlimited and a free Netflix account!
  • AT & T Military & Veteran Discount: 55% discount on qualified monthly wireless plans
  • Sprint Active Duty, Reserve and Veteran Discounts: Sprint offers the Unlimited Military plan, which is a discount on their Unlimited Basic plan and includes 50% off on additional lines ($60 for the first, $20 for the second and $10 for each additional line)
  • Verizon Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard & Veteran Discount: Verizon wireless provides a 15% discount on monthly plans and a 25% discount on accessories.


As a Veteran find rates as low as $9/week for your auto insurance!

Most Veterans are shocked to find out the huge differences in auto insurance policies when they first compare them! Here is a free service where you can compare your current rate to numerous others and save up to 70%! Most insurance companies and brokers will not tell you this but if you drive less than 50 miles per day and live in a qualified zip code you might be eligible for a huge discount on your insurance! Invest a few minutes into comparing rates and you might be in for a huge treat!


Cut down your energy bill with solar panels sponsored by the government!

Protecting our country and saving the environment is awesome but saving cash is even better! The government issued a renewable energy tax credit to encourage homeowners in certain ZIP codes to go solar. Check if your ZIP code qualifies here.

Some reported they were able to claim subsidies and rebates to cover up to 99% of the installation costs – that’s money straight into your pocket as you do not only save on your energy bill, but you get paid for any excess energy you produce! And the best part with using this method is you literally might not need to invest even 1$ into this upfront which usually is the highest cost associated with solar!


BONUS: Get a free 72-hour food kit while supplies last!

As someone who has served you know how quickly one can find himself in an emergency situation with no warning – 4Patriots is currently giving out their 72-hour food kits for free - you only take care of S&H! Grab them as long as they’re still available!

This free kit is rated for 25 years of storage and will come with 3360 calories in total (1120 per day) – enough energy and nutrients to overcome a 72-hour emergency! Using their unique low-heat dehydration method, family-owned 4Patriots from Utah packages each meal in space-age Mylar to make sure your kit survives any disaster from floods to hurricanes and combat!

Get yours before the promotion ends and get tasty meals such as Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal, Classic Potato Soup and Chicken a la King.


BONUS: Claim your free 7 packs of Patriot Power Greens!

As a Veteran you know how important a healthy and balanced nutrition is – Patriot Health Alliance is offering 7 free state of the art nutrition packs for Veterans and Military Personnel. You only cover shipping + handling!

Once reserved only for active duty, Patriot Power Greens boosts your energy & stamina and helps neutralizing the excess acid & inflammation your body has to deal with day by day! They do not only come with the nutrients of 40 organic fruits & veggies but also with 6 digestive enzymes and 10 probiotic strains in each serving. Countless Veterans are already swearing by it – claim your samples before they run out!


Veteran and Military Discounts on Auto Sales!

Are you thinking about buying a new car but overwhelmed by the cost? Many automakers want to show their appreciation for military families by offering special pricing on their vehicles. Whether you’re returning after an overseas tour or you’re just ready for a new car, make sure to take advantage of the military discounts offered by a variety of automakers, both stateside and abroad. As always check in with your local branch and ask for any offered discounts.

  • Ford: Ford Motor Company offers military members and their families a $500 Bonus Cash. The offer is good toward the purchase or lease of an eligible new Ford or Lincoln vehicle.
  • General Motors: The General Motors Military Discount Program provides eligible participants with the opportunity to purchase or lease new or unused Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles at a special price at a participating dealer. Many new and unused 2019 and 2018 GM cars, SUVs, crossovers, midsize, pickup trucks and passenger and cargo vans are eligible.
  • Harley Davidson: Harley Davidson offers a military discount that includes no down payment, reduced rates and flexible term options designed for active duty military personnel.
  • Honda: The Honda Military Appreciation Offer gets you a savings of $500 towards any 2017 or newer Honda vehicle when you finance or lease with Honda Financial Services. This offer is valid through March 31, 2019.
  • Hyundai: All active duty, Reservist/National Guard, veteran and retired military personnel will receive an additional $500 off new Hyundai vehicles distributed by Hyundai Motor America through May 31, 2019.
  • Nissan: The exclusive Nissan Military Program helps you save between $500 and $1,000 and can be combined with all current national and regional incentives. Offer is valid active duty military, Reservist, retired military and veterans within 12 months of active duty.
  • Subaru: Subaru offers a special discount to active-duty and reserve members, as well as veterans and retirees within 12 months of your date of separation. Once you negotiate your best price with a Subaru retailer, you’ll receive an additional discount of $500. In addition, your price will be further reduced by any applicable zone or regional cash incentives in effect at the time of purchase.
  • Toyota: Active duty military, inactive reservists, retirees, veterans discharged within one year, and household members qualify for a $1,000 rebate on eligible Toyota vehicles.

Bonus: Are you or someone you know stationed overseas? There are several programs available to help you purchase a discounted vehicle while you’re abroad.

  • BMW: BMW Military Sales is a privilege program designed specifically for US service personnel overseas. This program includes significant savings with military discounts and tax-free purchasing.
  • Volvo: Volvo Cars Military Sales offers great benefits for military personnel on a tour overseas, including delivery options, five years free shipping from Europe to the U.S, three years free servicing, four year warranty world-wide, and more.

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